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Don't Be A Larper Be a Competitor/RGS T-Shirt

Don't Be A Larper Be a Competitor/RGS T-Shirt

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RGS Tri-Blend T-Shirt "Don't Be A Larper Be a Competitor"


Tri-blend shirts have not been around for a very long time. They appeared on the market about ten years ago. When T-shirt manufacturers began using this material, they weren’t sure whether it was going to take off. Tri-blends are more expensive to produce than 100% cotton fabrics. 

However, the texture and fit of this material make them especially desirable. The wearers realized that tri-blend fabric tees are often more comfortable and well-fitting than other materials. Brands saw that the material lends itself well to the printing process.

This will become the only shirt you want to wear we guarantee it!

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